A Mayor Wooster Deserves  

I am running to be the next mayor of Wooster because I love our community and I know that if we have the right leadership, we can work together to realize Wooster's full potential.


Wooster is a terrific small city! We have great civic pride, businesses that compete on the world stage, internationally renowned institutions of higher learning, and many other attributes that are the envy of our peers.  Now is the time to build on these strengths, to get to work on our more persistent problems because failing to do so threatens the very future of our community. Our poverty rate is higher than the national average and growing. Drug addiction is devastating families and draining our resources. Wooster needs more housing for all income levels.  Employers have positions that go unfilled while job seekers face unnecessary barriers to employment.  These stressors are all interrelated and affect the quality of life for every member of our community. Wooster deserves a mayor with a vision for a brighter future.

Now is the time to secure our economic and cultural future. We need to grow our economy by building on our current strengths, positioning ourselves for the information economy, pursuing environmental sustainability, and promoting the Arts and Humanities.

Wooster deserves a mayor who can inspire all of us to tell the Wooster story.


In order to accomplish all this we need leadership willing to listen to and collaborate with public services, nonprofits, business interests, elected officials, and all of our citizens including those most directly affected by the issues of poverty, addiction, housing, and jobs. The broader the input, the better the solution. Wooster deserves a mayor who will work tirelessly for all of us.​​

-Nell Reardon


Nov. 5, 2019

Reardon for Mayor of Wooster

“ The Broader the input, the better the Solution.”


Donations & Pledges

Phase I      Goal $5000.00          Completed!

Phase II     Goal $5000.00          Completed!

Phase III               $845.00          Met

Final Push         $4155.00

Please consider making your contribution now!

Together we can do this!

The same old thinking has brought us as far as it can. Wooster deserves:

  • A mayor with a vision for a brighter future

  • A mayor who can tell the Wooster story

  • A mayor who will work tirelessly for a better future for all of us

Please vote for me, Nell Reardon, for mayor, on November 5.

Awards & Recognitions
  • “Excellence in Teaching” award for her significant impact as an educator by the College of Wooster

  • “Appreciation of Service to Veterans”  American Legion Post 68, Wooster, Ohio

  • “Outstanding Service Award”  Wayne County Historical Society

  • Recognized by Senator Bob Dole for fundraising for the WWII Memorial

Feb 28, 2005

The Daily Record

Reardon receives educator award

WHS history teacher Nell Reardon was recently granted an Excellence in Teaching award for her significant impact as an educator by the Collage of Wooster (COW)

Oct 31, 2016

The Daily Record

Following in footsteps of influential educator

As if having one of her favorite pupils follow in her footsteps wasn’t rewarding enough, Marynell Reardon, a 1979 College of Wooster graduate and a social studies teacher at Wooster High School for most of the past 25 years, was further honored on Friday night when she received an Excellence in Teaching Award from her alma mater.

Oct 31, 2016

The Daily Record

While retired from teaching, Reardon still an educator with Historical Society

WOOSTER -- School was a haven for her, a place she wanted to spend time. In fact, Marynell (Nell) Reardon recalls once being told by an elementary school teacher, a nun at St. Mary School in Columbus, that she would have to stay after school if she didn’t complete her work.

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